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Course texture and light green color of quackgrass
quackgrass has a long clasping auricle
Quackgrass inflorescence is aligned flat side to the rachis with both glumes present
Inflorescence of ryegrass has florets aligned edge side to the rachis with a glume missing
  • Scientific Name: Elytrigia repens L.(Nev.)

  • Common Names: Quackgrass (United States), Ayrik, Common Couch, Couchgrass, Creeping Quackgrass, Dog-grass, Echte Quecke, Grama, Grama De Las Boticas, Grama Del Norte, Gramigna, Gramigua, Groesrod, Joula, Kweek, Najm, Nejil, Pied De Poule, Quick Grass, Quitch Grass, Scotch Quelch, Squaw Wein, Squaw Wijn, Twitch-grass, Vigne Squaw

  • Geographic Distribution:

  • Photosynthetic Apparatus: C3

  • Major Identifying Characteristic: Strongly rhizomatous. Rolled vernation. Distinct, long clasping auricle. Inflorescence is a spike. Occaisonally confused with annual ryegrass because each has long, clasping auricles. However, on quckgrass each spikelet is oriented flat side to the rachis and both glumes are present. On ryegrass, the spikelet is arranged edge-side to the rachis and 1 glume is missing.

  • Control Approaches: